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 The Story So Far...
 Posted: Jun 13 2014, 09:03 AM
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While we love character-based, for-fun plotting, we also love it when your character's actions has an effect on the direction of the entire rpg. For this reason we like to focus on what we call "story threads".

This thread is reserved for description and links of all board-wide plot, event and story threads to date both ongoing and archived. Typically you will find at least one "main plot" thread plus one "downtime" thread per faction. This will no doubt vary depending on the scope of the story as it develops.

Think of it like a timeline, but more useful.



Episode One - "The Sickness Inherent in The System"

Recruitment Drive - [ The Thread ] - Open to All - While Cecile Roscoe goes about her own plans, Joey Delgado is sticking to more peaceful forms of protest in the form of a pop-up rally in Central Park, NYC. To him, the Chrysalis Movement is it's own beast. He doesn't believe it wants blood, only common rights. The NYPD seems to think otherwise... When a riot breaks out Delgado tries to salvage the situation, but Cecile has the officers and mutants attacking each other. How can he prove that violence isn't the answer now?

The Girl Dun Gone Crazy - [ The Thread ] - Closed/Alpha Squad - What started as a chance for Andrea Bello to prove herself and win back her senior status, has grown into a man hunt for a serial killer who appears to be using bloody hallucinations to cover up the truth of his actions. Can Alpha Squad deal with the problem before any civilians are murdered? Or will the killer turn his powers on them?

Behemoth - [ The Thread ] - Open/Alpha Squad and Others - A huge armour-plated mutant is taking his aggression out on New York City. The media already has their hands all over the situation. The Foundation's orders are to subdue the Behemoth and bring him in for study, not to defeat him. But do they have a choice when innocent lives are at stake? Will the government be able to remain silent after such a public display?

Storming the Castle - [ The Thread ] - Open to Foundation/Chrysalis - Cecile Roscoe of the Chrysalis Movement wants the Dreamer. She wants to capture her from the facility she's held in and use her to threaten the government into reacting. Joey Delgado, also of Chrysalis, has warned them of her plan, and the Foundation's Alpha Squad has been dispatched on security detail. The mission: Stop Cecile at all costs
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