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We are rated 2-1-1 (or PG-13) and welcome all, no matter who you are or where you come from.


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 The Almighty Rules
 Posted: Jun 13 2014, 10:19 AM
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There are two things you must know before reading the rules.
  1. Disobey these at your own peril.
  2. We operate a three strike system. Continued offence results in IP perma-banning.

Common Sense; or The Word of the Staff is Law.

It's practically impossible to make enough rules to cover every eventuality. Let's be honest, that thread would get boring pretty quickly, and I have no interest in spending time on that.
  1. Common sense is key. If you think doing something might be a bit dodgy, or feel the need to ask a member of staff about it, then there's a good chance your first impression was right.
  2. If I, Spirit, or any other staff member makes a ruling on an issue, their word is as good as law. That way, we shouldn't need to keep updating this thread.
We are an equal opportunity, non-discriminating board

We at And the Dreamer Dreamed of Mutants like and appreciate characters of any and all ethnic groups, lifestyles, different abilities, mental faculties, and ages... anything and everything and anyone.

Similarly we don't care who you are, where you're from, what issues you may have, you are more than welcome here. This is intended as a friendly place for all and we will do what we can to help you in any way you may need.

If anyone is found going against this, the golden rule, the punishment will be severe.

No excessive swearing or nasty behaviour

It's stated in jcink's rules, the shoutbox rules, and any number of other places so this should go without saying. Just in case you missed it we are as PG-13 family friendly as humanly possible. We all slip up now and then, but I absolutely will not tolerate trolls or other vile members of any kind.

All of us are here to have fun and any behaviour that takes away from that is not allowed.

No theft of intellectual property, etc.

If you are found copying any writing from other sources without the proper permissions. This extends to copying passages wholesale from Wikipedia, any fandom-based wikia or otherwise, as well as your fellow writers from other sites and rpgs, online or in your favourite books. If anything of the sort is found you will be warned and the offending passage of writing deleted.

And finally

Our Out-of-character areas, including the shoutbox, are supposed to be friendly, safe, and above all welcoming places. Also saying hi to new people is fine, but please don't scare anyone off by going overboard or pestering them.


One account per character

Also, you must only register First name Last Name. No screen names for IC account. Myself and other staff members WILL delete offending user names on the sight with no warning.

You ARE allowed a dedicated OOC account however

This way you can link all of your in character accounts as sub-accounts of your OOC. Don't you just love this Jcink business? Rude, vulgar, or just excessively long usernames will be changed. We also ask you don't use special characters or anything like that.

There is no character limit

Well, other than only taking on an amount of characters that you can keep up with. For some people that's 2-3 characters, while others can handle active posting with 10+ characters. I'm not going to limit your creativity, but use your common sense.

There is no word count

Though please put as much detail and effort in as you can. It's far easier to reply to a couple of paragraphs than it is to a single line of dialogue or action. Roleplaying should be fun, not a chore.

Keep it PG-13 please guys

I know, I know, you may be thinking you can't get away with anything on a PG-13 rating. In truth, if you look up how and why movies are classified with this rating, you'll see it's not so bad.

PGs can have a hell of a lot of mild fantasy violence and general mind screwing before their rating gets bumped up. Just think how traumatising some Disney films were when you were a kid. PG-13 is not a limiting as you think.

Location Tags

You may have seen me mention this elsewhere, but you must must must tag every opening post of every single IN CHARACTER thread you start with the location and general time of day.

Like this:

Foundation HQ, NYC

We do not have countless sub-forums for every possible location. The theory being that our way a thread can progress from location to location seamlessly without people having to track down a new thread every couple of pages.

It'll make life on this board a lot easier if you get in the habit of tagging now.

Trigger warnings

Though you shouldn't be posting anything too excessive due to our TOS compliant, PG-13, RPGR 2-1-1 rating, if you think your thread (OOC or IC) will contain any triggers whatsoever, you must tag the thread title as such. Triggers include but are not limited to: sexual misconduct, drugs, racial discrimination, possibly sexist comment, and many others. If a thread gets out of hand we will close it without warning.

We especially need your help policing this. If you see anything that you believe to be a trigger of one kind or another, or simply want to give us a heads up on something you're worried about, please contact a member of staff ASAP.


Avatars can be no bigger than 200x300 pixels, and quite honestly we'd prefer it if every avatar on the board is the same size. Looks neater that way. Plus you're mini-profile will look odd if you don't stick to 200x300, just saying.

Signatures MUST NOT stretch the board. Any bigger than the width of a post and things start looking nasty. I'm not going to limit you specifically, but anything huge is likely to get me (and your fellow members) asking you to downsize.

If you can't make your own graphics, find someone who's willing to help. Many of us know at least a little about graphics programs like Photoshop or GIMP to knock something together. Above all else stealing is not the answer. If I'm alerted to it by the artist or anyone, I will remove the image myself and start issuing strikes. You have been warned.
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