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 Kassidy Lane, Application
Kassidy Lane
 Posted: May 26 2015, 12:04 AM
Played By:


Name: Kassidy Laura Lane
Species: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Face: Kassidy's face is small and roundish, she has a small nose and normal sized ears with a normal sized mouth.
Height: 4.3
Weight: 85lbs
Hair Colour: Straight dark brown with 1 red streak on each side.
Eye Colour: Green
Anything else? She has an allergy to gluton.

Personality Kassidy is a little bit gothy, she likes dying her hair, wheres het black leather jackets, black leather skirts, and silver-gray shirts with black leggings. She buts expensive shoes, and has her own motercycle. Kassidy has a job doing the first night shift at a small restraunt. She goes for one hour with all her friends and watches the cameras. She is home by 10. She doesn't like working, but she does it, she doesn't avoid it or try to fight it. Other then being gothy, Kass is also a little bit moody. She often wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and yells. Kass is also regularly nice to others. Her favorite animal is a cow and she is a vegan.

Kass grew up in a hard family to coop with. Her mother was always away on buisness trips, and her Dad was military. Her Dad sighned her up for fencing, self defense, and "Periodic Table-Off" where she had to memorize elements and their atomic numbers. On top of all that, Kass's sister Emery was a mutant. On the rare occasion that her parents were home, Emery got all the attention. Kass and her sister were never close.

Her first job is the one she has now, the 9 to 10 night shift with 4 of her goth friends from school. The lights are all on and they get to talk all night, so Kass loves it. Nothing else exciting happened to her until one day. When she was walking in the park she saw a man waving around signs and handing out posters for an organization that was trying to get the goverments support against policing the mutants.

After hearing his moving speech, Kass went up and asked to join the movement. He agreed. Ever since, Kass has been part of the movement.


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