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"And the Dreamer Dreamed of Mutants" is an original superhuman RPG with a hybrid narrative and sandbox style. This means that, in addition to an on-going often reality warping board-wide plot that you, humble members, can influence through your character's actions, we also adore the more personal inter-character plot and give you free-reign to explore our unique setting.

We are rated 2-1-1 (or PG-13) and welcome all, no matter who you are or where you come from.


The Plot

The Rules

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The Story So Far

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- Guest friendly.
- Keep to the rules.

- At the moment all our staff are close to the GMT timezone. I promise we're not ignoring you. If you miss us, drop in again whenever!

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Spirit Admin 12-June 14 318
Miriam Kirkland Cohen Super 15-July 14 119
Hayden Frye Super 3-July 14 77
Scoot Moderator 2-July 14 65
Alexander Lee Super 7-July 14 51
Riley Ackers Members 7-July 14 42
Andrea Bello Energist 18-June 14 42
Miranda Callahan Energist 9-September 14 23
Noelle Hardy Members 2-July 14 22
Todd Ackers Psionic 4-July 14 21
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